We are Enviromentally Conscious

dunnrite enviornmental painting


painting contractor that follows environmentally friendly and sustainable painting practices, helps protect Indoor Air Quality and lessen the impact painting will have to the environment. Zero or low VOC paints are now available for any residential and commercial painting project.

Painting is used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. As a protective coating, it protects surfaces from the elements outdoors. Indoors, it protects surfaces coated, from everyday use and normal wear and tear. As a decorative coating, it is used to beautify our spaces or even enhance our feelings. Unfortunately, that so familiar smell of paint during painting, is toxic vapour.
It is released from toxic ingredients contained in most common paints. The most harmful solvents are called Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.) When V.O.C. volatilize, the gas reacts with sunlight and fossil fuel by-products to form ozone and smog. Smog causes respiratory problems, damages plants and contributes to global warming.

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